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Dog Personalities and Traits

Those born in the year of Dog are loyal, honest, friendly, reliable and very discrete. They tend to be conservative rather than adventurous. And they can be very stubborn and eccentric.

Dog people are generous and place great importance on moral standards. They are critical towards both themselves and others.

Dog is a reliable and dependable friend. Dog people never hesitate to help others when they can. They are sensitive and have great sympathy towards other people. Dog is responsible, straightforward and very intelligent. Dog never let others down when given a responsibility.

People born in the year of Dog often have a great sense of integrity and fairness. They are born idealistic and therefore can get disappointed in real life. They are also a perfectionist and prefer to do everything as best as they can. It is important for Dog to shop worrying and to learn to enjoy life.

Dog Love Traits

Dog is generous, loyal and very honest in a relationship. You only enter into a relationship when you perceive everything is right. Try not to worry too much because love can often take care of everything itself.

Dog prefers to build up a relationship based on friendship and it takes time for Dog to enter into a relationship. But once committed, Dog is a caring and loving partner. Dog people are very attached to their partners and will never let their partners down. Being Dog's partner, you should know that Dog will be always by your side to support and care for you.

Dog Strengths

  • Loyal, reliable, faithful, conscientious
  • Upright
  • Genuine, discrete
  • Active, selfless, patient, self-controlled
  • Dog Weakness

  • A little untrusting,
  • Head-strong and dogmatic
  • Changeable, judgemental
  • Worry too much, very critical
  • Dog Ideal Jobs

    Vicar, Trade union leader, Teacher, Charity worker, Nurse, Doctor, Judge, Lawyer, Scientist, Researcher, Social worker, Lawyer, Community worker

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