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Dog 2012 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Overall Dog expects to have a changeable year in 2012. You should try to seek for changes and stay flexible and adaptable. Watch out for any additional expenditure. Look after your health more. You need to pay attention to any digestive problems. It is a good year for Dog to make changes in terms of living and working environment. For students, you should try not to allow emotions to affect your performance in school.

Money Management and Investment

2012 is a year Dog expects to have unforeseen expenditure. You expect to encounter pressures when starting a new business or running an existing business. Try to be cautious. March, June, September and December are good months to make investments. Watch out for any money loss due to unforeseen events.

Methods of improving your fortune: Put a glass of water in your room and office.

Relationship and Marriage

2012 expects to be a relatively uneventful year for Dog. Your luck is better in February, May, August and November. Single Dog can consider getting married. Put a plant in the east of your room to increase your luck in relationships.

Methods of improving your relationship: Long green or cyan coloured accessories are good for female Dog; black wave shaped accessories are good for male Dog.


Dog should watch out for excessive expenditure in 2012. You expect to work harder in order to achieve the results you want. Be careful when you sign any documents, otherwise your oversight may cause you to lose money. It is a good year to consider making investments. Watch out for any fraudulent transactions.

February 18th, 1958 . February 7th, 1959: Do not get involved in other people's affairs. Watch out when you go out, especially for male Dog. Watch out for any stomach and kidney problems.

February 6th, 1970 . January 26th, 1971: It is not a good year for you to start a new business or expand an existing business. It is better to be cautious. March and September are better months that you can consider making investments on bonds and stocks.

January 25th, 1982 . February 12th, 1983: Overall Dog expects to have a lot of changes in 2012 You can try to invest in March, June, and September. For single Dog you need to try very hard to enter into a relationship; for married Dog you need to watch out for extra-marital affairs.

February 9th, 1994 . January 30th, 1995: 2012 expects to be an eventful year for you. You may face pressure from school and other environments. Try to stay focused. Avoid falling in love as it may affect your school performance.

Zodiac 2012 Yearly Outlook

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