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Goat Personalities and Traits

People born in the year of Goat are kind and caring. They are often gifted in artistic fields and they are thoughtful and elegant though Goat can become timid and pessimistic sometimes.

Goat is full of passion when doing things he/she loves. Because of their artistic temperament, Goat people are suitable to be a designer or painter, or other professions where they could use their talents.

A Goat person is considerate and never hurts anyone's feelings intentionally. Goat is calm and good at solving problems. Goat people never hesitate to help others who are in need. On the other hand they crave to be protected, loved and taken care of, because of their shy and sensitive nature.

Goat enjoys nature and takes great pleasure in travelling to meet new people and to see the world outside. Goat also appreciates simple pleasures in life, such as a wonderful view, a visually appealing subject, or a piece of inspiring music.

Goat Love Traits

If possible, Goat prefers to be a full-time housewife/househusband. Goat people are romantic, sensitive, sweet and very charming. Goat can be very lazy at times, so as Goat's partner, you need to be considerate and forgiving.

It is important for a Goat person to feel loved and protected in a relationship due to Goat's insecure and shy nature. Goat people can be very sentimental and can be moved into tears by many things.

Because of the shy nature, Goat often misses good opportunities of going out with someone he/she likes. Goat people do not like to be obliged in a relationship. They want to keep their creative and free-thinking soul and do not want a relationship to suppress their feelings.

Goat Strengths

  • Creative, imaginative, mysterious
  • Attractive, empathetic
  • Sensitive to others' needs
  • Goat Weakness

  • Oversensitive, needs to feel loved and admired, diffident
  • Dependent
  • Changeable
  • Goat Ideal Jobs

    Actor, Painter, Musician, Landscape gardener, TV presenter, Dancer, Escort, Investor, Shareholder

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