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Goat 2016 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Goat expects to have a smooth year in 2016. Thanks to the help from important people, you are likely to make great progress for your career. Try to avoid gossiping or disclose business related information by mistake. On finance it is may be a good year for Goat to enter into a business partnership with others. On health Goat expects to enjoy good health and on family life Goat may need to try to be more attentive and considerate.

Money Management

Goat expects to have a great year in terms of finance. You expect to receive a steady increase for your normal income, as well as receiving great opportunities of earning additional income. Try to be more generous and help others in difficulties. For Goat in a business partnership, it is important for you to share the profit with your business partner. Stay wary in July and October and avoid disclosing your financial status unnecessarily. In contract February, May, August, September and December are lucky months for Goat.


Goat expects to be quite active in a relationship. You should try to avoid unnecessary hassles that may affect your relationship with your partner. For married Goat it is maybe wise to avoid any extramarital affairs as this can damage your marriage permanently. Take advantage of May, September and December as these are lucky month for both single and married Goat.


Goat expects to enjoy good health in 2016. Try to avoid working overtime frequently as this will affect your health. It is better for you to maintain a balance lifestyle and diet habit. Be wary of traffic safety in June and avoid drinking or eating excessively as this can have a negative impact on your digestive system.


Goat expects to make great progress in terms of career and business. Thanks to the help from important people you are likely to achieve everything that you want to in 2016. Take advantages of good opportunities when they arise, especially in January, February, May, September and December. For Goat working in an office, you may receive a pay rise during the second half of the year. Avoid gossiping. Try to deal with challenges at work with an optimistic attitude, especially in April, July and November.

Zodiac 2016 Yearly Outlook

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