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Horse Personalities and Traits

People born in the year of Horse have a lovely personality. They tend to have a good sense of humour and are good at money management.

They are artistic and can become timid and shy when talking to the opposite sex. Horse can become impatient and anxious when dealing with new situations.

Horse is willing, free-thinking, independent and confident. A Horse person is intelligent, witty and often is able to guess what other people think. Horse people like to be at the centre of attention in a crowd and are often gifted.

Horse people can get inspired by new ideas and take actions straight away. This sometimes is not a good thing. Horse can be impulsive and impatient with new projects. In general a Horse person never hesitates to offer his/her advices to others.

People born in the year of Horse have a sweet nature and often displays contradictory personality traits, such as loving and positive, arrogant and humble at the same time. Horse is very individualistic and prefers to depend on him/herself to achieve things.

Horse Love Traits

Horse can be very changeable in a relationship. People born in the Horse have often an appealing appearance. They seem never to be short of admirers.

Being in a relationship with Horse you will never get bored. There are always surprises and exciting moments. Sometimes it is hard for a Horse person to calm down once he/she gets excited. Once committed, a Horse person is a loyal partner.

Horse often thinks carefully before entering into a relationship. Horse is caring and loving in a relationship. But on the other hand one has to remember that Horse is not a good helper on domestic affairs.

Horse Strengths

  • Energetic, wise with money, and enjoy travelling
  • Free-thinking
  • Crave for love and attention
  • Witty and sociable
  • Independent
  • Hard-working,
  • Motivating
  • Horse Weakness

  • Impatient,
  • Can be impulsive and rash when making a decision
  • Horse Ideal Jobs

    Sportsman, Technical engineer, Administrator, Chauffer, Inventor, Lorry Driver, Salesman, Professor, Reporter, Painter, Advertising Executive, Poet, Hairdresser, Publican, Tour guide

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