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Monkey Compatibilities with Other Zodiac Signs

Monkey - Rat

Female Monkey + Male Rat: You have a harmonious relationship.

Male Monkey + Female Rat: You are perfect for each other.

Monkey - Ox

Female Monkey + Male Ox: You have a happy marriage.

Male Monkey + Female Ox: Both of you enjoy being together with each other.

Monkey - Tiger

Female Monkey + Male Tiger: Try to avoid going out with female Monkey.

Male Monkey + Female Tiger: You disapprove male Monkey's behaviour.

Monkey - Rabbit

Female Monkey + Male Rabbit: Both of you are optimistic. Your life is never boring.

Male Monkey + Female Rabbit: If you take good care of him you will have a happy marriage.

Monkey - Dragon

Female Monkey + Male Dragon: An ideal relationship.

Male Monkey + Female Dragon: You enjoy each other's company.

Monkey - Snake

Female Monkey + Male Snake: You tend to quarrel with each other too much.

Male Monkey + Female Snake: He cares more about your fortune than you.

Monkey - Horse

Female Monkey + Male Horse: You find it hard to understand each other.

Male Monkey + Female Horse: Not suitable.

Monkey - Goat

Female Monkey + Male Goat: Female monkey is a suitable lover but not a partner.

Male Monkey + Female Goat: Not an ideal relationship.

Monkey - Monkey

Female Monkey + Male Monkey: A happy marriage.

Monkey - Rooster

Female Monkey + Male Rooster: Not an ideal marriage.

Male Monkey + Female Rooster: Try to avoid going out with a female Rooster.

Monkey - Dog

Female Monkey + Male Dog: Both of you are very realistic.

Male Monkey + Female Dog: You don't get along.

Monkey - Pig

Female Monkey + Male Pig: A happy marriage. You are very attracted to Male Pig's talent.

Male Monkey + Female Pig: A happy relationship.

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