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Monkey 2013 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2013 expects to be a prosperous year for Monkey. You will continue to receive lots of support from friends and important people. Your expect to receive promotion at work. It is important for Monkey to build up a good relationship with people around him/her. For Monkey in business, you should try to avoid entering into a relationship with others in 2013. Avoid lending money to others. Overall Monkey needs to learn to relax, as you may encounter lots of stress from work and family life.

Money management and investment

Monkey expects to earn more money in 2013. On the other hand you may also have more expenditures. Try to manage your money carefully. Avoid lending others money, as it is unlikely that you will get your money back.

Relationship and Marriage

For single Monkey, you expect to have an uneventful year in 2013. You may find it difficult to find someone you really like. For Monkey in a relationship, you expect to have a harmonious relationship with your partner.

It is important for single Monkey to remain patient. For married Monkey, if your partner is a Snake, it is important for you to solve distance relationship problem in 2013. Overall trust is important in Monkey's relationship.


Overall Monkey expects to enjoy good health in 2013. Try to take good care of your elderly family members. Keep a balanced diet and arrange regular physical check up. Learn to relax more and stop worrying too much.


You expect to encounter new opportunities at work. You will receive respect and acknowledgment from both your colleagues and your boss. Monkey expects to receive both fame and fortune. In March, July and November, Monkey expects to have more opportunities than other months.

Monthly Outlook

January: Stay clam and bide your time for new opportunities.

February: Try to avoid travel as there may be accidents. Look after your elderly family members.

March: You will encounter very good opportunities at work.

April: Try to avoid lending money to others.

May: You expect to be promoted. Be prepared to work very hard.

June: For Monkey in business, you are likely to receive good returns on your investments.

July: Grasp the opportunities when they come. For married Monkey, you need to try your best to maintain the relationship.

August: Try to avoid gossips and be wary of gossips.

September: You expect to have more confidence and attain more respect at work.

October: There may be frictions between your partner and you. Avoid acting impulsively.

November: You expect to work very hard and your efforts will pay off.

December: Stay patient and do not rush into any actions. Your family life expects to stay harmonious.

Zodiac 2013 Yearly Outlook

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