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Monkey 2018 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Monkey expects to stay positive and optimistic in 2018. It is important for Monkey to cope with challenges calmly. You may encounter issues in your life hence it is important for you to take actions cautiously. Overall you expect to make breakthroughs at work. It is important to maintain a good balance between your work and family life.


It may be necessary for Monkey to make incremental improvements, other than making major changes at work. For Monkey working in an office, be cautious about gossips. Try to focus on investments with low risks. It is important to stay steady and make solid progress. Overall Monkey expects to make breakthroughs in 2018.


It is likely that Monkey’s emotions are changeable. Try to make self-reflections more, other than blaming your partner. Take time to care for the people around you and avoid letting your emotions ruin your relationship with your partner. It is important to strike a balance between your work and relationship. For single Monkey, 2018 is a year that you may need to make a decision who you like the most.

Money management

It is important for Monkey to stay resilient and persistent in 2018. For Monkey in business, your investment expects to bring returns in the long term. Try to avoid providing financial guarantee for others. Overall it is important for Monkey to pay attention to expenditures.


It is important for you to pay attention to your health in 2018. Try to exercise more and pay attention to your diet routine. Do not neglect your physical wellbeing because of work. Try to avoid going out at night and pay attention to your family members.

Academic Guidance

Monkey may find it hard to make breakthroughs in school in 2018. Try to maintain a good relationship with your teacher and your classmates. Try to adjust your moods and proactively engage with others in school.

Zodiac 2018 Yearly Outlook

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