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Ox Personalities and Traits

Born in the year of Ox you are likely to be studious, patient and introverted. Ox is always a reliable and trustworthy friend, but on the other hand Ox can be very irritable and stubborn.

Ox is often very accomplished thanks to his/her hard work and persistence. Ox is reliable, kind, calm and very modest. Other strengths of Ox include patience, fortitude, and studiousness.

Ox enjoys working in a quiet and relaxed environment. It is hard to change Ox's mind once Ox has made a decision. Ox is very rational and prefers to deal with things in a logical and systematic manner.

Ox is very intelligent and can also be very witty and articulate when required. The Ox person is generally frugal and careful with money and therefore it often takes Ox a long time to make an investment. Ox is sincere, truthful and prefers to work in a professional environment.

An Ox person pursues financial security in life. When feeling secure, Ox is a sociable and relaxed social partner. Ox generally enjoys lots of friends' company thanks to his/her honesty, patience and consideration towards others. Ox should try not to worry too much in order to enjoy life more.

Ox Love Traits

Generally practical Ox can be very naive in a relationship. It normally takes time for an Ox person to form an intimate relationship with another person. On the other hand, once committed Ox is a trustworthy partner.

Ox's ideal partner is someone honest, considerate and with a good sense of humour. Though sometimes Ox may misinterpret his/her partner's humour, both generally are able to appreciate the situation.

Ox's ideal partner is also someone who is inquisitive but caring and considerate. Ox is unlikely to forgive when being deceived. But on the other hand whenever in a quarrel Ox normally starts to look for faults from his/her own side first.

Ox Strengths

  • Steady and firm;
  • Born leader and good organizing skills
  • Trustworthy and responsible
  • Methodical and rational
  • Forward-looking
  • Hard-working; determined
  • Helpful and considerate
  • Ox Weakness

  • May be too serious and worries too much
  • Tends to be introverted in public
  • Stubborn, headstrong
  • Can be judgemental
  • Hard to forget past grudges
  • Materialistic to some degree
  • Ox Ideal Jobs

    Composer, Landlord, Doctor, Chef, Farmer, Police, solider, professor, judge, banker, insurance broker, gardener

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