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Ox 2015 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2015 expects to be a prosperous year for Ox. You tend to be resilient and have great capability of dealing with pressure. Ox expects to make progress at work, but you may encounter obstacles at times. And there expects to be lots of competitions at work. On relationship try to avoid quarreling with your partner and do not let others affect your relationship. Pay attention to your health, especially your digestive system.

Money Management

Overall Ox expects to have a stable financial status in 2015. It is wiser to stay discrete, instead of actively seeking for investment opportunities. In the daily life it is good if you can budget and plan your expenditures carefully. For Ox running a business, try to seek for new opportunities for gaining more clients. Avoid investing during the second half of the year.


For Ox in a relationship, it is important to look after your relationship well. You may become doubtful from time to time, especially when you are under stress. Try to look at things from your partner's perspective. Trust is very important in a relationship. For married Ox, avoid extramarital affairs if you want the marriage to work.


You would need to pay attention to your digestive system. Avoid spicy and deep fried food. Try to do more sports and stay in the nature more. Pay attention to your safety when you travel. Ox also needs to pay attention to any lung problems. Go and see a doctor whenever you feel unwell.


It is important for Ox to stay practical and avoid trying unrealistic ideas in 2015. Try to build a good relationship with your colleagues and spend more time with people who you work with. Control your temper and try to stay easy going. Avoid work overtime as you are prone to making mistakes when you are tired. Stay calm when you are faced with lots of competitions. Think carefully before you make any strategic move.

Zodiac 2015 Yearly Outlook

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