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Ox 2019 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Overall 2019 expects to be a changeable year for Ox. Overall Ox shall try to avoid entering into business partnership with others this year. At work it is important for Ox to stay modest and learn from others. In marriage as long as Ox takes cares of the family the marriage life expects to be smooth. Overall Ox expects to enjoy good health in 2019.


The work environment expects to be changeable in 2019, hence it is important for Ox to focus on self-improvement. Try to stay open and honest when facing difficulties and seek for help if required. For Ox in business, it is important to observe and listen to different views. For Ox changing jobs, it is good to pay attention to job markets such advertising, electronics, network, or entertainments.


Overall Ox expects to enjoy a great relationship in 2019. For married Ox, both of you try to stay open and make the relationship work. Try to always set aside time for nurturing your relationship. For Ox in love, your relationship with the other person expects to deepen this year. It may be good time to get engaged or married. For single Ox, it is important to spend time to get to know the other person.

Money Management

Ox shall try to stay cautious when making investments or making big purchases. Try to avoid making impulsive investment decisions. Avoid borrowing money from others. For Ox working for others it is good time to think of saving money. For Ox in business, try to avoid making investments in advertising or marketing. For retired Ox, avoid taking on promotions that sound too good to be true.


For Ox you may find your relationship situation tends to impact your health situations. Fortunately your relationship expects to stay smooth in 2019, hence you expect to remain in good health. Try to avoid high calorie food and increase your intake on bean products. Try to build a regular exercise routine for yourself, and maintain a positive outlook towards life.

Academic Guidance

Ox students expect to perform well overall in 2019. Try to stay positive and your will be able to achieve your goal. Where possible it may be good time for you to take on some social activities. Try to speak with others if you are under stress.

Zodiac 2019 Yearly Outlook

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