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Pig Personalities and Traits

People born in the year of Pig are brave, energetic, and very determined. They are often lucky in their endeavours. Pig can be very picky when making friends.

Pig people never stop seeking for knowledge are usually well informed. They have an easy-going personality and rarely get involved in an argument with other people.

A Pig person is usually honest, straightforward and very patient. They are modest and often a bit shy in front of other people. They prefer to work behind the scenes to support others. Pig is discrete when making friends and tends to be reserved when conversing with unfamiliar people.

Pig is generally a forgiving person. Pig prefers self-criticism to looking for faults in others. Pig people generally dislike long distance travelling. Haven said that, Pig is always a great nature lover.

Pig people are tolerant, considerate and accommodating. They do not wish to cause arguments and always let other people express themselves freely. Pig people are not weak-minded. Rather they never hesitate to stand up to express themselves if need be.

Pig believes people are born kind and compassionate.

Pig Love Traits

Pig people prefer to experiment and explore before they commit into a relationship, because they want to make sure the other person is the right one. Pig people are sensitive, sweet, loving and caring partners. They are romantic and a good marriage partner.

Pig people are tolerant and always give their partners the required freedom. They are affectionate and trustworthy. On the other hand Pigs prefer their partners to do the same for them.

Pig Strengths

  • Kind, caring, helpful
  • Perfectionist,
  • Modest and courteous
  • Easy-going and approachable
  • Pig Weakness

  • Naive, self-involved
  • Materialistic
  • Very emotional
  • A daydreamer
  • Dependent
  • Pig Ideal Jobs

    Research, Scientist, Chemist, Technician, Musician, Restaurant owner, Social Worker, Fundraiser, Builder, Chef, Delicatessen Owner, Personnel Manager, Administrative Officer, Civil Servant

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