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Pig 2013 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2013 expects to be a challenging year for Pig. You may find that your efforts do not always pay off. It is important for Pig to be adaptable and optimistic. Do not worry too much when you find situations are not in your favor. Try to avoid involving in affairs that do not concern you. Be kind and considerate towards other people. Take good care of your health. For unmarried Pig, it is a good year to enter into matrimony.

Money management and investment

Pig has a strong desire to seek for fortune in 2013. For Pig in business, it is important to build up social connections. 2013 expects to be a hard year for Pig. You find it difficult to get the loaned money back and there will be unexpected expenditures. It is important to stay courageous and try to avoid changing jobs irrationally.

Relationship and Marriage

Though there may be ups and downs in life generally, Pig expects to have a good relationship in 2013. For married Pig, you need to be careful of any extra- martial relationship.

For single Pig, you will try your best to win his/her heart in 2013. For Pig in a relationship, it is important to be honest with each other. Whenever there is a problem, both of you should deal with it rationally.


You need to pay more attention to your health in 2013. Pig needs to be careful of any problems linked to the heart. Try to avoid traveling abroad. You also need to pay attention to your family members' health.

Keep a balanced diet. It is important to go to see a doctor immediately when you feel unwell.


Pig expects to have ups and downs in terms of career development. You may experience changes at the beginning of the year. Try to deal with stress productively. Learn to be patient and adjust your attitudes. It is important to maintain a good relationship with people around you.

Monthly Outlook

January: Try to think carefully when you make decisions.

February: You expect to receive assistance from important people. For single Pig, perhaps you should accept the date invitation from others.

March: Pig's status expects to remain stable in this month.

April: Be cautious and try to avoid disputes with others. There may be frictions in your relationship.

May: It is a good month to try to invest. But try to avoid making investments with high risks.

June: Pay attention to your heart problem. For married Pig, pay attention to your kidney and urinary system.

July: For Pig in a relationship, you need to watch out any extra-marital relationship. Try to spend more time with your partner.

August: Try to make an effort and demonstrate your ability at work.

September: You may encounter difficulties as well as dishonest people at work. Stay cautious.

October: Your work expects to get busier in this month. Try to adjust yourself instead of making complaints.

November: Try to make good plans for your work and family life. For Pig in business, you should try to avoid entering into a partnership with others this month.

December: Be careful when you make important decisions. Try to listen to others' opinions. For Pig in a relationship, there may be frictions between your partner and you.

Zodiac 2013 Yearly Outlook

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