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Rabbit 2020 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2020 expects to be a smooth year for Rabbit. You tend to be thoughtful when dealing with problems. Rabbit is confident and resilient by nature; often you are also purpose led. You prefer to have a good relationship with others. Thanks to the help from important people, you are likely to achieve great things in 2020.


Rabbit understands the importance of relationship. In 2020 you are likely to benefit from your network. For Rabbit in business you are likely to make great progress and your business is likely to prosper. Though there may be ups and downs, generally Rabbit expects to perform well at the workplace.


For single Rabbit 2020 is a good year to enter into a relationship. For Rabbit in a relationship 2020 expects to be a good year to get married. For Rabbit in marriage, you need to pay attention to your relationship with your partner. Try to stay considerate and avoid unnecessary disputes. It is important to trust and stay trustworthy.

Money Management

2020 expects to be a good year in terms of financial status for Rabbit. You are likely to receive help from important people. For Rabbit in investment, your investments expect to pay off. For Rabbit in business you are likely to benefit from your network. Overall it is important for Rabbit to avoid disputes, especially in March, June, September, and December.


Rabbit may encounter many social gathering opportunities in 2020. It is wise to control your alcohol intake. Pay good attention to your food hygiene, especially when you dine out. For Rabbit who has a pet at home, your pet may scratch you if you are not careful. Overall it may be good for Rabbit to avoid sleep late, especially in March, August and November. Pay attention to traffic.

Academic Guidance

Rabbit may get distracted from study in school in 2020. It is important to stay focused and adjust your attitude towards study. It is good to set yourself a goal and plan towards achieving the goal. It is always good to spend more time on revising before exams. There may be good opportunities for you to attend classes after school.

Zodiac 2020 Yearly Outlook

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