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Rat/Blood Type Personalities

Rat - Blood Type A

Rat with Blood Type A is steadfast, patient, persistent and very sensible. You can be a bit neurotic, However you are very patient and persistent.

Rat with Blood Type A is very steadfast in a relationship, and you treat marriage rationally.

Rat - Blood Type B

Rat with Blood Type B is frank, easy-going and unbiased. You can treat everyone the same.

You are not very good at expressing yourself and dislike living in a group. You enjoy freedom and living a life on your own.

You can be sentimental at times. Female Rat with Blood Type B is emotional; male Rat with Blood B is very capable.

Rat - Blood Type AB

Rat with Blood Type AB is very cautious when making decisions. You rarely use common sense to make your judgments and are rarely willing to take losses.

Other people may perceive you as strict and cold. However deep down Rat with Blood Type AB can be very emotional and active.

You enjoy showing off your talent and tend to get distressed if you are unable to receive respect from others.

Rat - Blood Type O

Rat with Blood Type O is outgoing, upright, and frank when communicating with others. You can be stubborn at times.

Rat with Blood Type AB is frank which can offend others. You are generally forgiving but can be very competitive. You rarely pay attention to social manners in public.

In a relationship Rat can very positive. Female Rat with Blood Type O can be as passionate as male Rat with Blood Type O.

You tend to be very versatile.

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