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Rat 2014 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Rat expects to have a changeable year in 2014. Stay cautious when you invest. For discrete Rat, it is going to be a challenging year. For Rate who likes changes, there are likely to be opportunities in 2014.

Money Management and Investment

Rat expects to be careful with money management in 2014. Your financial status expects to fluctuate in spring. You are likely to have extra income in summer and autumn. Try to actively seek for opportunities. For Rat in business, it is a good year to reflect and make positive changes.

Relationship and marriage

There are likely ups and downs in Rat.s relationship in 2014. Try to accommodate your partner more. Avoid making decisions on impulse. It is important to cherish your relationship. For single Rat, October is your lucky month. Try to take the initiatives and watch out for opportunities. Stay proactive and you will meet someone you like in 2014.


You need to pay attention to your health. It is important to go to see a doctor if you are unwell. Try to avoid swimming or climbing in 2014. Smoke and drink moderately at social occasions. Try to do more sports and set aside some time for travelling. For Rat who drives, it is important to adhere to traffic rules.


Due to the impact from different Planets, Rat expects to confront frustrations and difficulties in 2014. It is better not to make major changes. For Rat who invests, it is important to stay rational and discrete. For ambitious Rat, 2014 is a year to face challenges and actively seek for opportunities. Try to use your strength and adapt yourself to your working environment, you expect to accomplish a lot in 2014.

Luck improvement

White and black are Rat.s lucky colors. Try to avoid red.

Zodiac 2014 Yearly Outlook

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