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Rat 2016 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2016 expects to be a prosperous year for Rat. Rat tends to be cultivated and full of vitality. You expect to realize your ambition and have a smooth year in 2016. Rat expects to be very busy at work though the positive side is that you expect to make great progress on your career. Overall Rat’s efforts expect to be paid off in 2016.

Money Management

Rat expects to have a favorable financial status in 2016. It is important for Rat to stay discreet and avoid risky temptations. 2016 may be a year that Rat expects to have higher expenditure costs hence it is important to budget ahead. February, September and November are good months for Rat to invest. Avoid investing in April and October. Try to diversify your investment options.


Rat expects to have a fruitful year in terms of relationship. It is important for you to take a rational attitude after you enter into a relationship. It is advisable to take a serious and cautious attitude in order for you to find a right partner. January, April and December expect to be good months for single Rat.


You may need to put


as your first priority in 2016. It is important to maintain a healthy life style, especially in February, March, April and December. Be cautious about flu infections. Try to relax more and avoid extreme emotions. Try to adjust your spirit level in relation to work, especially in April and October.


Rat expects to be full of creativity and vitality in 2016. Though you may encounter challenges you expect to cope with them well. It is important for Rat to concentrate on career development in order not to miss important opportunities in 2016. It is maybe better to stay cool headed and stay modest with your achievements. January, May, August and November expect to be good months for Rat. Try to stay cautious in February, March, July and October.

Zodiac 2016 Yearly Outlook

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