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Rat 2018 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2018 expects to be a prosperous year for Rat who works hard and is willing to takes advantage of opportunities. It is important to stay confident and plan in advance you want to make changes about your career. Overall try to avoid big investments and plan cautiously if you wish to start your own business.


Rat may experience holdbacks on career at the beginning of 2018. Try to avoid changing jobs in January, May, August, and October. In contrast March, July, and December are Rat’s lucky months. Overall O2018 is a good year for Rat to invest in continuous learning. Try to think in long term.


Overall Rat expects to have a smooth relationship in 2018. Try to select your partner cautiously, especially for Rat who wants to get married. Try to pay more attention to your partner and your children and avoid neglecting your family because of work. For single Rat, you expect to be liked by lots of people; try to think about who you really like and it is maybe wiser to avoid dating more than one person at a time.

Money management

Rat expects to have a favorable financial status in 2018. Throughout the year your income may fluctuate hence it is important for you to think carefully before you make any big investments. Try to focus your energy on your main source of income.


In 2018 you expect to pay attention to your health, especially in January, June, August, and November. Try to build a healthy routine and exercise regularly. For male Rat, try to avoid disputes and drive carefully; for female Rat, it is important to stay healthy and avoid extreme diet.

Academic Guidance

For Rat in school you expect to make great progress on your study in 2018. It is important to stay patient and industrious. It is a great year for Rat to think about further study and explore the prospect of improving your current skills.

Zodiac 2018 Yearly Outlook

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