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Rooster Personalities and Traits

People born in the year of Rooster are considered to be thoughtful and capable. They are doers but sometimes they may get disheartened if they fail on what they do.

Rooster has an eccentric nature and some people may find hard to get along with Rooster. Rooster people can be adventurers though they can also become afraid sometimes.

Those born in the year of Rooster are usually good observers. Roosters love attention and love entertaining friends and meeting different people. Roosters always look elegant and tidy because they pay great attention to their looks.

It can be difficult for a Rooster person to accept advices. Rooster is self-confident and believes in his/her own judgements. It is advisable for Rooster to take more considerations towards others when making a comment.

A Rooster person is often a dreamer. Try to be more realistic and down to earth. Otherwise Rooster can feel disappointed most of the time. Rooster's friends normally can appreciate well the Rooster's sensitive and courageous nature.

Rooster Love Traits

Rooster people seem never to be short of admirers because of their charming appearance. They are devoted and very loving once committed in a relationship. They are good at creating romantic atmosphere when required.

Rooster wants his/her partner to be honest and frank, because Rooster can not stand insincerity or deceit. Roosters love courtship but will stop immediately once they find someone they truly loves.

Rooster Strengths

  • Practical and resourceful
  • Conservative, logical
  • A good observer,
  • Honest, frank and direct
  • Perfectionist
  • Rooster Weakness

  • Possessive
  • Can be rigid on their thoughts and actions
  • Does not take criticism well
  • Rooster Ideal Jobs

    Newsreader, Salesman, Restaurant owner; Hairdresser, Public Relations Officer, Farmer, Athlete, Professor, Waiter, Journalist, Travel writer, Dentist, Surgeon, Soldier, Fireman, Security Guard, Police Officer

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