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Rooster 2013 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Rooster expects to prosper in 2013. Thanks to the help from others, you expect to make good progress on your work. Rooster are likely to receive promotion and pay rise. It is important to make the most of the opportunities when they come. You will also be appreciated by your boss at work. Try to avoid making risky investments. Pay attention to your health and take good control of your spending.

Money management and investment

Rooster's financial condition expects to be stable in 2013. Try to avoid investing in bonds or stocks as they are likely to bring you returns. Rooster expects to be promoted at work and you will be paid more money than previously. It is good to learn how to manage your money.

Relationship and Marriage

For single Rooster, you should try to socialize more and take the initiative to tell the other person that you like him/her. But single Rooster also needs to be wary when making new friends. For Rooster in a relationship, you expect to have a harmonious relationship with your partner. For married Rooster, there may be occasional disputes between your partner and you.


As a Rooster, you should try to pay attention to both your and your family members' health. Be careful of any aliments linked to your respiratory system. But overall Rooster enjoys good health in 2013.


Rooster expects to encounter promotion opportunities in 2013. You will be promoted by your boss and you expect to feel happier than before. Both your career prospect and financial status expect to improve in 2013. Try to stay calm and build up a good relationships with your colleagues in the office.

Monthly Outlook

January: Rooster may work very hard and feel tired. Pay attention to your spine and neck problems. Try to avoid investing in this month.

February: Be patient with your work and do not try to do something that you have not planned.

March: It is a good month to look for business partners.

April: You expect to receive help from important people. For single Rooster, you may meet someone you like.

May: Be careful of dishonest people around you. Keep an eye on your expenditures.

June: Your efforts expect to pay off in this month.

July: Try to avoid unnecessary expenditures. It is not a good month to get married.

August: You may face lots of pressure at work.

September: Spend time on your interpersonal relationship. Try to deal with frictions with other people constructively when they come up.

October: You expect to make progress on your work.

November: Try to spend time on improving yourself. You will receive a favorable income.

December: You will win respect from others. Try to spend more time with your partner and family in this month.

Zodiac 2013 Yearly Outlook

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