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Rooster 2015 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

2015 expects to be a stable year for Rooster. You should take caution and try not to seek for fame and fortune too hard. Avoid travelling overseas on business if possible. Rooster expects to gain recognition at work. Learn to deal with work pressure in an effective manner. Try to keep a balanced diet routine. Rooster expects to receive lots of additional income in 2015. It is important to stay calm when you are faced with pressure. Rooster expects to make break through at work in 2015.

Money Management

Rooster's hard work expects to pay off in 2015. You expect to have a favorable financial status thanks to your hard work. You additional income is likely to come from your bonus or investments that you made previously. In summer Rooster should try to spend some time on money management. Try to avoid spending unnecessarily.


2015 expects to be colorful year for Rooster. For single Rooster, you expect to meet someone you really like. It is important to let the past go in order for the new relationship to work. Try to avoid getting married too quickly. It is wiser to get to know the other person first, before you rush into a marriage.


Overall Rooster expects to enjoy good health in 2015. Your pressure at work may affect your appetite and diet routine. It is important to maintain a regular diet routine otherwise it may cause problems to your digestive system. Pay attention to your nutrition and you need to remember that good health is the foundation for many things in life, including the success of your career.


Rooster expects to face lots of pressure at work in 2015. You may find it hard to say no to additional workload. It is important to stay proactive and ask for additional help if you are overloaded. Communicate more with your managers so that you can gain additional supports. Otherwise you are likely to be under constant pressure and stress.

Zodiac 2015 Yearly Outlook

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