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Snake Personalities and Traits

People born in the year of Snake are knowledgeable and intelligent and they prefer to use logic to solve problems instead of instinct. Snake people are frugal and careful with money related matters.

Snake can be egoistic when helping others. Snake has little confidence in people he/she doesn't know and have a can-do attitude in life. A Snake person is philosophical, well-read, good at finance and loves books, music, fine cuisine and clothes.

Snake people enjoy interesting conversations though they tend to have a short attention span. Snake always prefer new ideas and inspiring conversations.

People born in the year of Snake are alert, flexible and adaptable. They are able to adapt themselves to new environments very quickly. Snake is persistent, energetic and self confident. Snake often finds hard to listen to other people's opinions.

It is important for Snake to remember that life is not all about competition. Try to relax more. Snake often has lots of loving and caring friends as company. Try not to irritate or deceive Snake people because they are unlikely to forgive you.

Snake Love Traits

Snake is romantic, caring and very charming. Snake people process a good sense of humour and female Snake people often have an attractive appearance.

Snake people often get jealous and possessive in a relationship and Snake does not take rejection very well. Snake has to feel loved, supported, and cared for in a relationship.

It often happens that Snake people set different rules for themselves and their partners. This is not good for the relationship. Snake can be very loving, romantic, motivating and sometimes mischievous. Snake needs time to trust another person.

Snake Strengths

  • Diplomatic, social,
  • Thrifty and careful with money
  • Calm nature
  • Philosophical and intuitive
  • Intelligent
  • Snake Weakness

  • Insecure and tend to be possessive and jealous in a relationship
  • May use his/her intuition more than logic
  • Snake Ideal Jobs

    Professor, linguist, professor, Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Astrologer, Clairvoyant, Personnel officer, Public relations executives, Interior designer

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