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Snake 2020 Yearly Outlook

Overall Fortune

Snake may appear indifferent but can be very passionate inside. You like to perceive your friends as part of your family. Snake is discreet and detailed towards everything. For female Snake you tend to be very independent and like your partner to be capable and good at money management. For male Snake you enjoy facing challenges. Overall it is important for Snake to stay confident.


2020 expects to be a challenging year for Snake. You may find it hard to find a job you like. Try to reflect what type of jobs you would like to have first. For Snake at work, it is important to stay modest and learn from others. There may be great opportunities between April and July. It is important to look after your work budget ; where necessary Snake needs to take ownership for this area.


Snake is romantic by nature. For single Snake you often have many ideas how you want your relationship to look like. For Snake in school it is a good year to attend social gatherings. For Snake in a relationship, it is important to spend more time with your partner. Try to cultivate some common interests or hobby with your partner.

Money management

Overall Snake expects to work hard in 2020. At the beginning of the year it is wise to consider different opportunities. You may need to borrow money from your family and relatives. In May you may encounter money shortfall. It is important to stay positive and cautious. In spring and summer Snake in school are likely to have more money expenditures.


In 2020 it is wise for you to remain cautious about your health. Try to establish a good routine at work so that you do not develop any work related illness. Try not to work overtime frequently. It is maybe good to take some time off in spring. It is also good to maintain a good exercise routine.

Academic Guidance

Snake expects to perform well in 2020. After June it is important for Snake to focus on mock exams. There may be opportunity for Snake to study overseas under study exchange. Try to combine your study with experiencing the culture overseas.

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