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Suitable occupations for Aries by Blood Types

Friday August 19, 2011
Suitable occupations for Aries by Blood Types
While the 12 Zodiac signs have a significant influence on the attitudes and behavior of people, when blood type is also taken into account we can get an even deeper understanding of the traits of a person. For instance, someone with blood type A may be serious and responsible yet socially inept, while a person with blood type B may be enthusiastic and flexible yet slovenly. A combined analysis of the influences of constellations and blood types, plus understanding a person's temperament, may indeed give a clearer view of the person. Such analysis could greatly help guide people to a proper career choice. Now let's take a look at what jobs suit people of astrological sign Aries and blood types.

Blood type A Aries

Aries and blood type A
In this combination, the blood type and sign produce contradictory influences on the person. While Aries is an impulsive and restless spirit, a person with blood type A tends to have a quiet and restrained personality. Outwardly, most blood type A Aries seem to be placid people who love security. Inwardly, they crave change and resist living a stereotypical life. The best advice for blood type A Aries is for them to follow their hearts to choose their jobs instead of surrendering to other people's needs. Blood type A Aries who do not follow their hearts may find themselves emotionally repressed. The best careers for this combination is something that is lively, but not overly challenging, and suits people with extroverted personalities, such as teachers, customer service personnel, banquet sales personnel of star hotels, nurses, salespersons and cashiers.

Blood type B Aries

Aries and blood type B
Blood type B Aries tend to be outgoing, cheerful and adventurous. People with this combination have no desire for power and do their job well as long as they enjoy it. The downside to blood type B Aries is a quick temper, carelessness and impulsiveness. Their actions may at times appear foolhardy, which they have to work to overcome. Similar to blood type O Aries, they are best suited for outreach work, such as corporate sales, insurance agents, real estate brokers and public relations personnel. They are also well-suited for jobs which demand audacity, like police and security staff.

Blood type O Aries

Aries and blood type O
Both male and female blood type O Aries are highly courageous and vigorous. When young, this person will draw attention for their confidence and vibrant attitude. The weakness of this combination is impulsiveness and unpredictability, which makes them ill-suited for stereotypical office jobs. Extroverted in nature, this combination is best suited for sales personnel, public relations and corporate affairs staff. Blood type O Aries are also a good fit for jobs requiring expressiveness, such as actors.

Blood type AB Aries

Aries and blood type AB
The enthusiasm of Aries offsets the typical apathy of the AB blood type, while AB's sobriety and impersonality balances the impulsiveness of Aries. The union of blood type AB's rationality and peaceable nature with Aries' sincerity and courage form a dynamic work style. Due to this combination's impatience, blood type AB Aries quickly tires of monotonous tasks. Accordingly, they make good salespersons, public relations personnel, coordinators, tour guides or other fast-paced jobs in the public eye.

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