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Suitable occupations for Cancer by Blood Types

Tuesday August 30, 2011
Suitable occupations for Cancer by Blood Types
While the 12 Zodiac signs have a significant influence on the attitudes and behavior of people, when blood type is also taken into account we can get an even deeper understanding of the traits of a person. For instance, someone with blood type A may be serious and responsible yet socially inept, while a person with blood type B may be enthusiastic and flexible yet slovenly. A combined analysis of the influences of constellations and blood types, plus understanding a person's temperament, may indeed give a clearer view of the person. Such analysis could greatly help guide people to a proper career choice. Now let's take a look at what jobs suit people of astrological sign Cancer and blood types.

Blood type A Cancer

Cancer and blood type A
Blood type A Cancers tend to be conventional and conservative. They generally do not step out of bounds and do not change jobs casually. Whatever job they engage in, they will make an effort to learn and do it well. Sometimes, however, they may be hypersensitive and depressed. They also tend to feel tremendous pressure in complicated interpersonal relationships. A positive work environment is a good fit for blood type A Cancers. Mastery of a professional skill will make this combination more confident at work, even though money is usually not one of their driving goals. Blood type A Cancers would do well as paperwork personnel, management, secretarial staff, technicians, accountants and housewives.

Blood type B Cancer

Cancer and blood type B
Cancers with blood type B differ from other signs with the same blood type in that, even if they dislike their job, they will try to adapt to it. People with this combination are enthusiastic, good-natured, willing to help and caring. Blood type B Cancers can sometimes become moody, but generally are able to quickly overcome this. The best choice for blood type B Cancers is a job where they can contribute to a team effort and work with their strengths, such as: general affairs managers and facility managers in schools, pediatricians, preschool teachers, psychological counselors, police officers, committee members, personnel in welfare or charity institutions and maintenance staff.

Blood type O Cancer

Cancer and blood type O
Blood type O Cancers are meticulous, thoughtful and attentive. They have good leadership skills, even though it may be hard to see at first. This combination is relatively low-key and has trouble drawing the attention of those around them. Once in a one-on-one conversation, however, blood type O Cancers tend to be very persuasive. As they gain more experience in a field, they may become experts in their field and take on a leadership role. This combination is a good fit for work as investment analyzers, psychological counselors, social welfare workers, teachers or technicians.

Blood type AB Cancer

Cancer and blood type AB
Blood type AB Cancers are meticulous and diligent. They are conformists by nature, and their helpfulness is driven by the desire for rewards from others. Their perception makes them good at reading people. While this combination tends to be moody, there is generally no outward sign of emotional distress. Without praise and acknowledgment in the workplace, blood type AB Cancers will become upset and unable to do their jobs. An ideal job for this combination would be something that plays to their perceptiveness and meticulousness, such as: finance, event planning, marketing, business or charity and welfare organizations.

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