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Suitable occupations for Pisces by Blood Types

Tuesday September 27, 2011
Suitable occupations for Pisces by Blood Types
While the 12 Zodiac signs have a significant influence on the attitudes and behavior of people, when blood type is also taken into account we can get an even deeper understanding of the traits of a person. For instance, someone with blood type A may be serious and responsible yet socially inept, while a person with blood type B may be enthusiastic and flexible yet slovenly. A combined analysis of the influences of constellations and blood types, plus understanding a person's temperament, may indeed give a clearer view of the person. Such analysis could greatly help guide people to a proper career choice. Now let's take a look at what jobs suit people of astrological sign Pisces and blood types.

Blood type A Pisces

Pisces and blood type A
Blood type A Pisceans are acquiescent, low-key and dislike competition. They are dreamers, which comes from the sign Pisces, as well as practical, which comes from blood type A. This combination helps blood type A Pisceans keep their feet on the ground. They are sentimental and have a rich spiritual world. They love to indulge in daydreams, and always have talents in literature or philosophy. They are not suitable for a competitive work environment and do not make good managers or leaders. Suitable occupations for blood type A Pisces include: writers, poets, philosophers, religious communicators, clerks and secretaries.

Blood type B Pisces

Pisces and blood type B
Blood type B Pisces do not like to be tied down, which comes from the blood type, but give no outward sign of this trait. In most cases, they finish their job well even if it does not interest them. Blood type B Pisceans tend to know their likes better as they get older, whereas young blood type B Pisceans tend to be confused and do not do much thinking. For blood type B Pisceans who have not decided on a career path, we suggest they learn more, both for enrichment and to master job skills, which is very important to them. Female blood type B Pisceans have a relatively delicate temperament and are not well-suited for extroverted work. Suitable occupations include: writers, charity and welfare organization staff, teachers, actors, poets, sailors, fashion designers, western-style pastry chefs, painters, photographers and scenarists.

Blood type O Pisces

Pisces and blood type O
Blood type O Pisceans are compassionate, warmhearted, meticulous and thoughtful. They have a spirit which is devoted and geared toward service. They are helpful, give no thought to rewards and are not materialistic. This combination is imaginative and can engage in creative work, but are also sentimental and timid. They might be frightened at the sight of blood, so surgery would be a difficult career path. Suitable occupations for blood type O Pisceans include: secretaries, waiters, charity workers, religious personnel and veterinarians.

Blood type AB Pisces

Pisces and blood type AB
Blood type AB Pisceans are acquiescent, sentimental and fond of daydreams, yet have a cool-headed side. They do not have a strong willpower and do not have the wits to lead others. They may develop well in art or creative work, which is professional and allows for freedom. Their weakness is that they can not endure routine and boring work, and sometimes have a tendency to stay away from the crowd. Suitable occupations include: actors, writers, scenarists, marine biologists, fashion designers and singers.

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