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Suitable occupations for Sagittarius by Blood Types

Friday September 16, 2011
Suitable occupations for Sagittarius by Blood Types
While the 12 Zodiac signs have a significant influence on the attitudes and behavior of people, when blood type is also taken into account we can get an even deeper understanding of the traits of a person. For instance, someone with blood type A may be serious and responsible yet socially inept, while a person with blood type B may be enthusiastic and flexible yet slovenly. A combined analysis of the influences of constellations and blood types, plus understanding a person's temperament, may indeed give a clearer view of the person. Such analysis could greatly help guide people to a proper career choice. Now let's take a look at what jobs suit people of astrological sign Sagittarius and blood types.

Blood type A Sagittarius

Sagittarius and blood type A
Blood type A Sagittarians are somewhat similar to Aries. Outwardly, they appear quiet and peaceful, but inside they dislike work that makes them feel suppressed and bored. They seek freedom of movement and are not suited for office work. They will also become stressed under pressure and are not fit for outreach work. Blood type A Sagittarians are well-suited for jobs as cashiers, salespeople, drivers and translators.

Blood type B Sagittarius

Sagittarius and blood type B
This combination is very dynamic, interesting and sociable, with a strong ability for outreach. Blood type B Sagittarians do not like a serious work environment and hate to be tied down. They prefer jobs which allow freedom and offer opportunities for personal grown and travel. Blood type B Sagittarians who are forced to stay in an office all day may find themselves highly stressed. Blood type B Sagittarians are outgoing, but not fit for stressful jobs which require patience, such as marketing. Good job options for this combination include: crewmen, tour guides, fashion buyers, reporters, flight attendants, pilots and coach drivers.

Blood type O Sagittarius

Sagittarius and blood type O
Blood type O Sagittarians have a wide range of interests, and during their youth they may find it hard to settle on a career path. They are efficient people who perform tasks without hesitation. They are sociable and can communicate well with superiors or subordinates in the workplace. They are somewhat afraid of enduring hardships, however, and are impatient, which they have to work to overcome. Similar to blood type O Libra, this combination is best suited for work as public relations personnel, salespeople and assistants.

Blood type AB Sagittarius

Sagittarius and blood type AB
Blood type AB Sagittarians have a contradictory temperament, since the blood type and sign influence them in opposite ways. Blood type AB is rational and composed, while Sagittarius is impulsive and passionate. AB is cautious and slick, while Sagittarius is careless and inattentive. AB is full of suspicion and lacks affinity, while Sagittarius is enthusiastic and confident. These contrasts may serve to offset and balance each other. Their common influences are on blood type AB Sagittarius' philosophy and outlook on life, which makes for outstanding philosophers and educators. If they pay attention to their wisdom and sensibility, they have the potential to succeed in many fields. The two contradictory personalities could also lead to selfishness and isolation from society and cause impatience and unnecessary changes in life. Therefore, it is important for blood type AB Sagittarians to receive a good education early on to form a good outlook on life.

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