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Suitable occupations for Scorpio by Blood Types

Tuesday September 13, 2011
Suitable occupations for Scorpio by Blood Types
While the 12 Zodiac signs have a significant influence on the attitudes and behavior of people, when blood type is also taken into account we can get an even deeper understanding of the traits of a person. For instance, someone with blood type A may be serious and responsible yet socially inept, while a person with blood type B may be enthusiastic and flexible yet slovenly. A combined analysis of the influences of constellations and blood types, plus understanding a person's temperament, may indeed give a clearer view of the person. Such analysis could greatly help guide people to a proper career choice. Now let's take a look at what jobs suit people of astrological sign Scorpio and blood types.

Blood type A Scorpio

Scorpio and blood type A
Blood type A Scorpios have an acute sensibility and are good at making predictions. They are thoughtful, self-demanding, but poor at expressing themselves. They generally do not stand out in a crowd, but they make good backstage planning personnel. They are not suited for extroverted and high-stress jobs. Suitable occupations for them include: fortunetellers, senior assistants, trainers, psychological counselors, writers, publishers, teachers, judges, police officers and photographers.

Blood type B Scorpio

Scorpio and blood type B
Blood type B Scorpios are intensely intuitive. They may easily achieve their goals, using blood type B's lively and magnetic personality, which offsets Scorpio's apathy, and Scorpio's composure and acute perception. Their weakness lies in their impulsive nature, but most of the time they can restrain themselves. Blood type B Scorpios are a good fit for a wide range of occupations, including: salespeople, hotel managers, massage therapists, physiotherapists, doctors, athletes, designers, psychological counselors, fortunetellers and geomancers.

Blood type O Scorpio

Scorpio and blood type O
Blood type O Scorpios have a strong insight and intuition, as well as good management and implementation skills. They are bold but cautious, which makes them suitable for human resource jobs, administration jobs and doctors. After gaining proper experience, they are also well-suited for setting up their own business. Young blood type O Scorpios are hard working and treasure every opportunity they get. They are not picky, and can adapt well to different job situations. They do sometimes think too much and take themselves too seriously in interpersonal relationships, which causes them to become stressed and obsessive. Blood type O Scorpios should try to relax and simplify their lives.

Blood type AB Scorpio

Scorpio and blood type AB
Blood type AB Scorpios have a strong sense of responsibility. With AB's volatile personality offset by Scorpio's persistence, blood type AB Scorpios are prone to be workaholics once they find their direction. They strive to be the leader in their field, and have the potential to become the best in their profession. Their weakness is that they tend to keep their distance from others, which causes them to lack affinity with people and makes them ill-suited for extroverted jobs, such as salespeople or public relations personnel. Good job choices for blood type AB Scorpios include: businesspeople, scientists, doctors, academic staff, IT technical personnel and psychologists.

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