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Test what prevents you from achieving success

Friday July 01, 2011
obstacle to success

Choose one of the statements below with your intuition.

  1. When you are with friends, you like to be surrounded by them and normally you are able to join their conversation very quickly. You also dislike being deceived by your friends.
  2. Whatever you do, you like to think and plan before you start to act. You rarely act impulsively.
  3. Some people like to finish a project early, others likes to finish the project just in time.
  4. When you hear a different opinion, you tend to argue.
  5. When you have lots to do, you tend to choose those you are very good at first.


  1. means you want others to trust and respect you. You tend to have good leadership. It is always enjoyable to work with you. However, you need to be more patient.
  2. means you are very strict on yourself. You know what you want and you always want to be the best. However try to avoid pursuing perfection.
  3. To choose to finish things early means you are very intuitive. Your seriousness and industry can build up a lot of respect for you. Learn to cooperate with others. To choose to finish things just in time indicates you do not wish to be competitive. Try to be more active.
  4. means you find it hard to trust other people at work or in life. You like to work on your own. To be successful you should learn to listen to others.
  5. means you are very easy to be content. Try to improve yourself. List all the goals you want to achieve and then try to achieve them one by one.

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