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Friday June 17, 2011
If you have the opportunity to peek, which scene below do you want to peek?

(A) Someone is having a bath
taking bath
(B) A couple is fighting or beating a child
couple fighting
(C) A couple is having sex
couple having sex
(D) A thief is stealing
thief stealing
(E) Your neighbor's daily life scene
neighbors daily life


  1. means you know how to conceal your weakness. Therefore it is exciting to see others expose themselves. Deep down you wish you had the courage to admit your weakness.
  2. means you are not happy with your environment. You get excited to see someone else in your environment is not happy with their life either.
  3. means you want to have a sexual relationship with someone.
  4. means your life is very ordinary. Therefore you are very curious about unordinary things.
  5. means you are very defensive. You observe your environment and stay vigilant.

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