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Which male horoscopes are too picky on their girlfriend or partner?

Tuesday July 12, 2011
Unhappy Couple


Pisces is romantic and very considerate. However he can be very calculated on money. Male Pisces normally is very generous on himself but very mean on his girlfriend. Male Pisces does not like his girlfriend to ask for presents. However when male Pisces decides to buy you a present, he instantly becomes a perfectionist.


There are two types of Virgo. One type is he is very calculated before knowing you well. But once he falls in love with you he will be willing to anything for you. The other type is he is very generous before getting married. After marriage he instantly becomes very calculated.


Sagittarius likes freedom and is very independent. He believes that men and women are equal in a relationship. Therefore he normally adjusts his attitude towards money based on your attitude. If you are generous he will be the same, and vice-versa.


Capricorn is frugal in nature. He is very practical and likes to adhere to his principles. He will only spend money when he feels there is a reason. It doesn't mean Capricorn is not caring or considerate. He is willing to let you manage money for him. He just doesn't like wasting money.


If a male Cancer is very mean to you it means he still doesn't think he is in a relationship with you. Once Cancer falls in love with you, he is willing to spend every penny he has on you.


Taurus is very sensitive towards money. Taurus likes enjoying life and tends to have a bad spending habit. He will be never be mean to you. If he doesn't buy you presents, it only means he has got no money left to buy presents.

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