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People in Dreams - What do they symbolize?


  • To dream you are carrying a baby means your savings are increasing but you should avoid lending money to other people.
  • To dream a baby is crying indicates you are worried about your health.
  • To dream of a healthy baby means you are honest and you have lots of friends around.
  • To dream a baby walks in a dream indicates you are very independent.
  • To dream of breastfeeding indicates your most trust-worthy friend is thinking of betraying you.
  • To dream you are indifferent or even hostile towards a baby indicates nothings runs smoothly recently.
  • To dream a baby has a fever indicates you are sad about lots of things that have happened recently.


  • To dream of your boss indicates you want to be noticed.


  • To dream a celebrity is your best friend or sweetheart indicates you want to be the focus of attention and have an interesting life.
  • To dream you marry a celebrity indicates that you might want to be with someone that the celebrity portrays in a film.
  • To dream you are intimate with a celebrity means your fortune starts to turn around.
  • To dream you are in discussion with a celebrity means you will meet great friends.
  • To dream you have a meeting with a celebrity in history indicates your friends or your family members need you.


  • To dream yourself back to your childhood means you want a carefree life and you are very stressed at the moment.
  • To dream of a group of kids indicates everything will go smoothly.
  • To dream of a lively kid means you will get a pay rise and a handsome bonus.
  • To dream of hugging a boy means you will achieve what you want to achieve.
  • To dream of hugging a girl means you will get involved in a dispute.
  • To dream of a child during an appointment either means one of you wants a child, or both of you need to communicate more.
  • To dream you bully a child means you are paranoid that others people might discover your secrets.
  • To dream of an angry child means someone around you might get you into trouble. You need to watch out.
  • To dream your own child is ill indicates you worry too much.
  • To dream of a handicapped child indicates you are stressed.


  • To dream about your classmates in the past indicates that you might be in an isolated situation.


  • To dream you are in discussion with your colleagues indicates there are problems at work and you are anxious to solve them.

Dead people

  • To dream your dead father is alive again indicates there might be a dispute between the family members.
  • To dream of a friend who passed away indicates you will get tight on your finance.
  • To dream you talked to people who passed away means you are progressing on the things you want to achieve.
  • To dream people who passed away cry indicates there will be many problems.
  • To dream you hug a corpse indicates your business will prosper.
  • To dream you hug a skeleton indicates you are being gossiped about by other people.
  • To dream your friends die indicate you will gain a fortune soon.
  • To dream you attend a funeral means someone in the family is getting pregnant.


  • To dream you are attacked by a devil indicates something is bothering you.
  • To dream a devil runs into your house means there will be a dispute in the family.
  • To dream you are chasing after a devil indicates things will get better.
  • To dream you killed a devil means you will win on gambling.
  • To dream you conquered a devil means you will gain both fame and fortune.


  • To dream of doctors indicates your family members. health is a worry.
  • To dream of talking with a doctor indicates you are in good health.
  • If a patient dreams of talking with a doctor, the patient will recover soon.
  • To dream of quarreling with a doctor means you need to watch out for a huge loss.
  • To dream of yourself becoming a doctor means you will get fired or your career is facing a negative impact.
  • To dream your eyes have problems means you feel you are not happy with your own ability.
  • To dream you are ill but all the hospitals are closed indicate you are working very hard to solve problems.
  • To dream you make friends with a doctor means you will become rich soon.
  • If a woman dreams her husband becomes a doctor, she needs to pay attention to her health.


  • To dream of friends with ill-intensions means your pressure will get alleviated.
  • To dream of your good friends indicates you have to concede.


  • To dream God holds a sword indicates you will overcome your difficulties.
  • To dream you are in God.s arms means your life will be very happy.
  • If a married woman dreams God smiles, it means she will give birth to a baby who will grow up and become a famous person.
  • To dream of a Goddess means you need more forgiveness and patience to succeed.
  • If a woman dreams of talking to a Goddess, it means she will be a good wife and mother.
  • To dream of a Goddess drops her weapon indicates you will get into a dispute abruptly.
  • To dream a Goddess is scolded means you might hurt other people by accident.


  • To dream of a governor indicates you are not trying your best.


  • To dream of your grandparents indicates you are facing problems in your life and you want to deal with it wisely.


  • If a patient dreams of a nurse, it means you are worried about your health.
  • If a young person dreams of a nurse, it indicates your relationship will progress.
  • If a married woman dreams of a nurse, it means you will get pregnant soon.
  • If a girl dreams about quarreling with a nurse, it means it might take a long time for her to get married.
  • If a single guy dreams of a nurse, it indicates his ideal partner is just by him.

Old people

  • To dream of old means people that you are stressed or feel very tired.


  • To dream of a good relationship with your parents indicates you conform to social norms.
  • To dream of a bad relationship with your parents signifies you are dissatisfied.
  • To dream your mother cries means you are in a passionate relationship.


  • To dream about police indicates that you are in dilemma.


  • If a guy dreams of a prince, it means he is not yet very confident about himself.
  • If a female dreams of a prince, it means she will meet her prince soon.


  • To dream of relatives indicates you care about what other people think of you.


  • To dream of playing with siblings indicates there might be family disputes soon.
  • To dream you quarrel with your siblings indicates you will receive an expected fortune.


  • To dream your sweetheart is indifferent to you indicates your relationship goes smoothly at the moment.
  • To dream your sweetheart is very passionate indicates you might be betrayed soon.
  • To dream you look at your sweetheart from a distance indicates there might be a communication issue between you two.
  • To dream your sweetheart leaves you means you need to grasp the opportunity.
  • To dream that you marry your sweetheart indicates in reality your relationship is over.


  • To dream of your teacher indicates you are adopting a new attitude towards life.
  • To dream you are in friendly terms with your teacher indicates you might have problems to communicate with people older than you.
  • To dream of a teacher you never met means you will learn a lot from other people.


  • To dream of seeing a thief on a street means your business will prosper and you will receive an unexpected fortune.
  • To dream of being robbed by a thief indicates you need to watch out for road accidents and pay attention to your health.

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