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Places in Dreams - What do they symbolize?


  • If you dream of saving money, it means you want to fall in love.


  • To dream you hide in a basement means you are in a secret relationship.
  • To dream you walk into a basement and feel relaxed indicates you are very tired.
  • To dream there is water in a basement indicates you possibly have problems with your health.


  • To dream of a bathroom means you are passionate about your relationship.


  • To dream you are unable to cross a bridge indicates maybe you are over persistent.
  • To dream a bridge collapse indicates an accident.
  • To dream a bridge is being build indicates your dream is about to come true.
  • To dream a bridge on the sea indicates you are about to make big changes.
  • To dream you meet a person on a bridge signifies you will meet someone who will help you a lot in your life


  • To dream about a cave indicates that you are stressed and you wish to break away.


  • To dream of a cinema indicates you want to break away from the real life.
  • To dream of an earthquake or typhoon film means you are about to change your job, or your partner is about to relocate.
  • To dream a film plot didn.t develop as you imagined indicates you are dissatisfied with reality.


  • To dream of a deserted courtyard means you are ill at ease about your surroundings.
  • To dream of a prosperous courtyard means you have confidence towards the future.


  • To dream of a desert means you are yetto find someone you like.


  • To dream you go up in an elevator means you are very confident.
  • To dream the elevator breaks down indicates you are worried about your progress.

Empty house

  • To dream of an empty house means you lack a relationship.


  • To dream you get lost in a forest indicates you are in trouble.
  • To dream of a huge forest means your have a happy and prosperous life.
  • To dream of a cold damp forest signifies you are about to travel far to deal with a problem.
  • To dream you meander in a forest full of snow means your ability will be appreciated.
  • To dream of people hunting in a forest indicates a competition between your rival and you.

Grave Yard

  • To dream of a damp messy grave yard indicates you might have problems with your health.
  • To dream you are shot means you want to re-start a new life.


  • To dream you look up at a high-rise means you desire power.
  • To dream you climb upstairs indicates you want to find a partner.
  • To dream you look down from a high-rise and feel scared means you desire yet are afraid of a relationship.


  • To dream of a hospital indicates you feel ill at ease.


  • To dream you are cleaning or painting a house means you want to make a change.
  • To dream you are decorating a house means you are very stressed.
  • To dream a house has collapsed indicates it is time to watch out for your health.
  • To dream you are building a house means you are trying to re-start a new life.
  • To dream you are relocating means you are going to experience lots of hardship.


  • To dream of an isolated island means something good is about to happen.
  • To dream of a prosperous island means your dream is about to come true.


  • To dream of climbing up a mountain indicates you are overcoming your problem.
  • To dream of climbing down a mountain signifies your situation is getting bad.
  • To dream you stand on the top of a mountain indicates your accomplishment is great.
  • To dream there is cloud in the mountain signifies you need more patience.


  • To dream of a palace indicate you are about to facing a big expenditure.

Parents' house

  • To dream of your parents. house means you are troubled by old traditions.


  • To dream of a crowded park indicates you are leading a very positive life.
  • To dream of a quiet park indicates you are worried.


  • To dream of a port, be it airport or sea port, indicates you are about to meet lots of friends.


  • If a man dreams of a prison it indicates he leads a happy life.
  • If a married woman dreams of a prison she will get pregnant soon.
  • If an old man dreams of a prison it means his health expects to get worse.
  • If a businessman dreams of a prison it indicates his business fortune is expected to deteriorate.
  • To dream of talking with a prisoner signifies something bad is about to happen.
  • To dream you become the head of the prison indicates you mange money well.
  • To dream you are friends with the officers in a prison indicated your good reputation is in danger.
  • To dream you are in prison means you wish for a carefree life.
  • To dream other people are in prison indicates that you face a problem and you are thinking of ways to solve it.


  • To dream of a restaurant indicates that you have great desires for learning new things.
  • To dream you meet a man in a restaurant means you want to fall in love.


  • To dream you walk along a river bank signifies you think a lot in order to solve your problems.
  • To dream you drowned in the river indicates you long to finds ways to alleviate your pressure.


  • To dream of a wide, expansive road indicates you are very happy and relaxed at the moment.
  • To dream of a narrow windy road indicates you have something to hide within.
  • To dream of a crossroad indicates you are considering alternatives.
  • To dream of a side road signifies you might be off track.
  • To dream of a dead end indicates you feel helpless and you want some help.
  • To dream of a down-ward slope signifies you are disheartened.


  • To dream other people walk into your room means that you are worried other people might discover your secrets.
  • To dream of a messy room indicates you are worried about your secrets.


  • To dream of a school indicates you want to improve yourself.


  • To dream of a quiet sea means your life goes smoothly at the moment.
  • To dream of a roaring sea indicates you are dissatisfied with your life.

Shopping Mall

  • To dream of a shopping mall indicates you want to shop around.


  • If you walk up a slope, it means your situation will improve.
  • If you walk down a slope, it means your situation is getting worse

Ticket checkpoint

  • To dream you can not find your ticket at a checkpoint indicates you are immature and lack confidence.
  • To dream you pass a ticket checkpoint smoothly means you long to be acknowledged.


  • To dream you are in a tunnel and you feel scared means you want to run away from a relationship.
  • To dream you cross a tunnel means you wants a relationship.


  • To dream of a wall indicates something is bothering you.
  • To dream you are inside the wall and you look for an exit indicates you are looking for ways to solve a problem.

Wild Field

  • To dream of a wild field indicates there is a problem in your relationship.


  • To dream of a wood indicates you are bothered by your relationship.
  • To dream you are lost in a wood means you find it hard to solve your problem.
  • To dream you run away from a wood signifies you need to communicate more.


  • To dream of a peaceful sea indicates you are very relaxed
  • To dream of a wavy rough sea signifies you expect to have frictions with your friends.

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